Jesus Christ is the only wise God



REMEMBER!!, There is only One Name which saves us and that is,  OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST (Acts 4:12). If you reject the name JESUS CHRIST as GOD manifested in the Flesh, you have rejected your Salvation; since only the name JESUS CHRIST saves us. So whatever we do must be in that name and nothing else (Colossians 3:17).
There is only ONE GOD (Deut 6:4-9; Isa 44:8; Isa 46:9; James 2:19; Isa 45:5; Mark 12:29, 32-34; Deut. 4:39; Rom 3:30; I tim. 1:17; Deut 4:35): the Creator of the heavens and the earth, and of all mankind. This One God, the I AM, is manifested (revealed) to mankind as FATHER (Creator, John 14:6-9; John 8:19), SON (Savior) (1 John.5:20; Matt 1:21), and HOLY GHOST (indwelling Spirit) (John 20:22; John 14:17). God is a Spirit (John 4:24), the Eternal One, the Creator of all things, and of all men. Thus making Him their Father (through creation) (Malachi 2:10). The LORD is the FIRST and the LAST, and beside Him there is no God (Isa. 44:6).
There was no GOD FORMED before him, neither shall there be after Him (Isa. 43:10). Jesus is the SON of God according to the flesh (Rom. l: 3). Jesus is the very God Himself according to the Spirit (Matt. 1:18-23). Jesus is the Christ (Acts 18:5; Acts 17:3). Jesus is the Creator of all things (Col. 1:15-16, 17; Jn.1:10; Rev. 4:11 use KJV Ref. Genesis 1:1 Isa.40:28). Jesus is God with us (Matt. 1:23). Jesus is God made flesh (John 1:1-14). Jesus is God manifested in the flesh (1 Tim. 3:16). Jesus is He which was, which is, and which is to come, THE ALMIGHTY (Rev. 1:8; Isa. 9:6). Jesus is the One God Moses, the Prophets and Psalms wrote about (Luke 24:44; John 5:46). Jesus is the One God who revealed Himself to Abraham (John 8:56-59, Ref Genesis 17:1; Gen 18:1-33, 19:1). Jesus is the Counselor, the Mighty God, the Eternal Father, the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6 Ref Deut. 10:17). Jesus is the “HE”, the “I AM” (John 8:24, 28; Ref: Deut 32:39, Isa. 43:10, Exodus 3:14). To this, Jesus Himself testified when He said: "He that hath seen me hath seen the Father" (John 14:6-11; John 8:19).
Since it took shedding of blood for the remission (forgiveness) of the sins of the world (Heb. 9:22), God as the Father, being a Spirit, had no blood to shed; so He prepared a body of flesh and blood (Heb. 10:5), that He might fulfill the prophecy of Isa.43:10-11, "Beside ME there is no SAVIOUR". Thus, when Jesus was born into the world, he was Jehovah our Saviour (that is the meaning of the name Jesus; Isa 12:2-3), the one God of the universe, the Lord God Almighty, born as a man. This caused the angels to sing, "For there is born this day in the city of David, a SAVIOUR, which is, CHRIST THE LORD" (Luke 2:11).
The Holy Ghost is not the third person in the Godhead! The Holy Ghost is the Spirit, Jesus Christ coming to dwell in the hearts and lives of those who receive him (John 14:17). That is why, when speaking of the Spirit, Jesus said "I will not leave you comfortless, I will come to you" (John 14:16-26; Rom 8:9). So, THERE ARE NOT THREE PERSONS IN GOD, but THREE MANIFESTATIONS of the ONE GOD. God is the Saviour, and his saving name is now revealed to men as JESUS. Therefore JESUS is the name of God. SALVATION consists of deliverance from sin through the blood of Christ (Coll. 1:14). This is accomplished by REPENTANCE from sin, WATER BAPTISM IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST for the remission (forgiveness) of sins, and receiving the BAPTISM OF THE HOLY GHOST with the evidence of speaking in other tongues, and the continuance of a godly life (Acts  2:26-41; Luke 24:44-).
Jesus Christ condemns TRINITY (the doctrine of the Devil) according to the Holy Scripture in Luke 13:20-21
  -The woman who took the leaven is the antichrist (Rev.17:1-6)
  -The leaven hid in 3 measures is the 3-god doctrine (Trinity) - (Matthew 16:5-12)
  -The lump which leavened means it became unprofitable.
Thus Jesus warned his Disciples to BEWARE of the TRINITY Doctrine which is from the Devil but not from God. It does not save life but lead to eternal suffering in Hell.
Jesus Said, “Ye shall die in your sins if ye do not believe that I am He (The God Almighty, Isa 9:6, Isa.40:3; John 8:56-59, Ref Genesis 17:1), ye shall die in your sins” (John 8:24). If you don’t believe Jesus Christ is God manifested in the Flesh, you are an ANTICHRIST (I John 4:2-3, refer to I timothy 3:16) and you will die in your sins. So, now you have heard this truth doctrine, flee yourself from churches which believe in trinity doctrine. (Rev.18:4-5).
JESUS is the LORD, the CHRIST, the Messiah and the GOD ALMIGHTY.
The Messiah Means CHRIST—John 1:41, John 4:25
Christ Is The LORD—Luke 2:11
The Lord Is GOD—Deut 4:39, 4:24, 4:35, 29:18, Deut 1:30, Psm.18:31, II Sam.22:32,
1)       There Is Only ONE LORD—Eph.4:5
2)       Jesus Declares To Be The MESSIAH—John 4:25-26,
3)       Paul Testified in the spirit That Jesus Is The CHRIST—Acts 18:5, Acts 17:3
4)       No Man Was To Confess That JESUS IS THE CHRIST—John 9:22
5)       Jesus Commanded The Apostles Not To Reveal That HE IS THE CHRIST—Mattt.16:20, Luke 9:18-22.

So you see, JESUS CHRIST is our only LORD, the Messiah and the Almighty God through HIM we can be saved. 

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